About S&V

Natalie creates quirky, high-quality ceramic homeware that demonstrates how the everyday can be both beautiful & inspiring.

Handcrafted ceramics - Cape Town Sugar and Vice

About Me

Natalie van Dijk (nee Vice) always knew two things: that she wanted to run her own business and that she wanted to incorporate her creative talents into this business. The impetus to make this happen eventually came in the form of her retrenchment from a comfortable marketing job in 2014. Rather than acknowledge defeat, Natalie saw this as an opportunity to reinvent herself and make that business idea happen!

Natalie Van Dijk Owner and Designer - Sugar and Vice

Sugar & Vice was started without any funding, handouts or loans. Instead, Natalie van Dijk relied on tenacity, hard work and an uncompromising commitment to her vision to build the brand.
All Sugar & Vice products are handmade in Cape Town. The growth and development of the local creative industry are of key importance to the brand.

Natalie Van Dijk Owner Sugar and Vice

Today Sugar & Vice products are sold online and in a number of retail outlets across the world. Follow Natalie for inspiration on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

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