What the lion cannot manage to do the fox can

Our Vixen Collection still remains one of our most popular ranges and even though we have been making space for new and fresh designs, we still couldn’t say farewell to our beautiful foxy friend.

Fabulously foxy décor does not have to be loud and over the top. We put together this stunning and understated design palette, pairing cactus cushions from Fox and the Moon with our print and a planter.


Adding a succulent keeps your living space lusciously green and matched with our vixen planters means there is added personality.

Buy a Fox Planter

Tea and cookie time need not be a boring affair with our fantastic fox homeware.

Buy a fox coffee set online

Our limited edition fox ceramic bowls in matt black ceramic with a white design and finished off with a vintage gold rim are guaranteed to have your guests foxed out.

Buy limited edition fox ceramic bowls online

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