We are BIG Copy Cats

Yes it’s true. We have been caught copying mainly because we just absolutely love seeing photo’s that our valued customers regularly share with us of their latest purchases. They are so cool and stunning that we decided to replicate a few of them as part of our most recent shoot. See what you think of our attempt.

Copy Cats Picnic Sugarandvicesa

Copy Cats Oval Platter Sugarandvicesa

Copy Cats Salt and pepper shakers Sugarandvicesa

Copy Cats Salad Bowls Sugarandvicesa

Everyone loves going to Pinterest for inspiration and so do we:

Copy Cats Jewellery Dishes Sugarandvicesa

Copy Cats Tea Cup Sugarandvicesa

Copy Cats Tea Party Sugarandvicesa

Copy Cats Utility Jars Sugarandvicesa

Copy Cats Wooden Coasters Sugarandvicesa

Please continue sending us more either via Facebook or Instagram and then see if you can spot your replica. Cheers guys, you really are an inspiration. Be sure to use the hashtag when uploading your pics: #sugarandvicesa

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