The Ultimate Mod Mama’s Gift Guide

Mod Mama Gift Guide Thumbnail 1

Where are our Mod Mamas at? We either know one or are one, right?

Mother’s day is fast approaching and to avoid the last-minute gift buying, Sugar & Vice have put together the perfect Mod Mama Gift Guide for you! Who is over the foot spas and candy floss bubble bath? We know we are. 

Every Mod Mama needs to start her day in the most stylish way possible! This loved Boobie Classic Mug is the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. Handmade, ceramic mugs add a minimalist decor touch to any kitchen or office.

Mod Mamas only wear jewellery on days ending with a “y”. So make sure you get her the perfect jewellery plate to keep her favorite trinkets safe and on display for all to see. Not to mention, this Greenhouse design is too beautiful not to love!

Did you know that in South Africa, our Proteas bloom in Autumn? Celebrate your Mama by getting her this gorgeous Protea print. It can be shopped as a physical product or even a printable download. It’s never been this easy to add style to any home!

This Mother’s Day, decorate the family’s favorite hang-out spot with this gorgeous Animal Lovers Set! Everyone knows the Mod Mama has green fingers. So get her this Cutie Cat & Foxy Planter Set so she can keep her plant babies happy.

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