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Women of today wear many hats and seem to be juggling way too many balls at once. It can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming! From hearing that your daughter has to dress as a superhero the afternoon before civvies day, to continuously updating the never-ending grocery list on your cell phone. Then planning what you need to make for dinner, and not forgetting your tots birthday in a month’s time that needs planning! To top it all off, giving most of your energy to the boss at work who gave you an unrealistic deadline.

We know what you are going through ladies and you are not alone! Enter Sugar & Vice’s latest range of abstract minimalist faces inspired by the journey of female personal growth. It can be tough, beautiful, painful, glorious and all the things in between. Sugar & Vice want to pay homage to women who are imperfectly perfect. We see the women who are challenging themselves, acknowledging their imperfections and facing forward through it all.

Natalie’s mission is to create thought-provoking functional art, to encourage women to look in the mirror and reflect. Whether it’s initiating hard conversations with themselves or just being mindful in order to encourage personal growth, body positivity and self-acceptance. 

Being a mother of two herself, and a self-made entrepreneur after conquering two retrenchments, she reflects on her own personal life and turns her experiences into inspiring stories through her art. She hopes that women will find the illustrations relatable and encourage growth and self-love. We’ve also asked counseling psychologist, Nikki Abousselam, to weigh in on the themes behind our illustrations.

The Reflections Collection is a curated range of illustrated, ceramic mugs, jars, trinket trays, bowls, hanging planters, art prints, greeting cards, oil burners and activity journals.

Sugar & Vice New Range - The Reflection Collection Blog - Confidence Design

The Confidence illustration is inspired by having the ovaries to face life head-on. Sometimes, things don’t work out the way we planned and we’re left feeling deflated and insecure. But, we need to embrace it and move forward in optimism. Every defeat is a  lesson and an opportunity to grow stronger. The more you understand and practice this, the more you grow in confidence! We want this illustration to inspire you to have confidence in everything you do.

“A woman can boost her confidence by taking responsibility for this herself by providing self positive acknowledgments and not expecting others to constantly be providing the validation and acknowledgment for her self worth. The validation that others provide should be the bonus. She needs to be focused on providing healthy and constructive self-love and self-care to fill her internal cup. Viewing herself as unique and not comparing herself or her journey to others is also very important to build a healthy sense of confidence. Setting healthy boundaries with others is also an important part of this process. When a woman has healthy confidence she is able to naturally progress within her journey according to her skills and abilities to achieve self-actualization within her life. Healthy self-confidence also plays a vital role in maintaining healthy relations with others” says Nikki Abousselam, counseling psychologist, on how women can boost their confidence and why it’s important.

Sugar & Vice New Range - The Reflection Collection Blog - Serenity Design

It’s too easy to forget how important managing stress is. Stress impacts your physical,  mental and emotional health. Having the tools in your arsenal to effectively find serenity in your day-to-day life is a must! And, there are so many resources out there these days that can help you cope. So essentially, all we need is the willingness to consciously create serenity in our lives. In our roles as mothers and wives, women have so much more to think of with a never-ending to-do list. It’s very important for women to make time for themselves to combat stress with exercise, meditation, or journaling. We want the Serenity design to inspire women to take time to reflect on how they are coping with stress (in through the nose, out through the mouth).

“Becoming aware of the things within one’s life that one can be thankful or grateful for and finding the small joys within each day can help provide a sense of inner peace and serenity. Journaling these joys and things to be grateful for is important because we are all faced with many challenging times in life especially within a pandemic so recording these in a journal will provide reminders of the positives in times when it might seem that the joys in life do not exist. We often have no control of external challenges that might come our way but we have control of our inner thought processes to choose how to respond.” notes Nikki Abousselam, counseling psychologist, on how to achieve serenity in today’s world.

Sugar & Vice New Range - The Reflection Collection Blog - Willpower Design

The Willpower design was inspired by the fierce female who is faced with distractions and let downs in life and has the willpower to push through and come out on top. Women have come a long way in the home, the workplace and in society. Having the willpower to overcome obstacles and prejudices is what makes women so incredibly strong! We want this illustration to inspire you to have the willpower to never give up!

When we asked Nikki Abousselam, counseling psychologist, how to overcome feelings of guilt surrounding lack of willpower and motivation, she has the following to say: “Women need to develop realistic expectations of themself and within the various roles in life that they play. To lose some motivation at times is normal when the stressors of life sometimes become overwhelming and guilt feelings often arise when a woman is too hard on herself under these circumstances. One needs to acknowledge that one is not always strong and when periods of weakness occur, this impact on one’s willpower or motivation needs to be acknowledged and healthy coping skills utilised to push past these challenging times. Personal growth often comes after pushing through difficult and challenging times in one’s life.”

Sugar & Vice New Range - The Reflection Collection Blog - Kindness Design

Friendships, sisterhoods, families, professional bonds and even the love you have for yourself. It’s all about being kind. The relationships you have with the people around you – including yourself- are important as they directly impact your successes and how supported you feel. How can we not create a print to celebrate the importance of kindness? We want this design to inspire you to be kind. 

“One can become kinder to oneself by attending to one’s needs, working towards achieving healthy physical functioning (eating, sleeping, exercise), awareness of personal weaknesses and being open to growth within these areas, realistic expectations of self and acknowledging one’s strengths and achievements,” says Nikki Abousselam, counseling psychologist, on how to take the steps to become kinder to yourself.

Sugar & Vice New Range - The Reflection Collection Blog - Limiting Beliefs Design
Limiting Beliefs

The Limiting Beliefs design is inspired by how we as women tend to underplay our capabilities and develop negative ideas about ourselves. They stand between us and success. We call them limiting beliefs and these are all too common. “I don’t deserve love”, “They’ll never accept the real me”, “I don’t think I can do this”. Sound familiar? It’s not easy changing these thoughts but it can be done! You need to play detective to discover what the beliefs are that holds you back. Acknowledge that these beliefs are not the truth. Use your imagination and start coming up with new beliefs that are aligned to what you want and then speak them into being with mantras and positive thinking. Before you know it, you’ll be trusting yourself and your capabilities to do anything you set your mind to! We want this design to inspire you to stop limiting your beliefs in yourself.

Limiting beliefs regarding oneself often arise due to a low sense of self-worth. As an adult one has to take responsibility in providing oneself with self unconditional love, acceptance and approval, reconstructing internal core beliefs that might be saying “I am not enough”. These limiting beliefs have to be challenged and reconstructed into more constructive and rational beliefs. The assistance of a Psychologist may often help one in this reconstruction phase” says Nikki Abousselam, counseling psychologist, when we asked her what causes limiting beliefs. When asked if it’s possible to overcome them, she had this to say: “Over a period of time one can definitely work towards producing healthier and more constructive core beliefs regarding one’s self-worth. The development of limiting beliefs or self-defeating beliefs happens over a period of time normally during earlier development years so to undo this and recreate a new narrative is a process but can be achieved.”

Sugar & Vice New Range - The Reflection Collection Blog - Visualise It Design
Visualise It

The Visualise It illustration has been inspired by creating the life you want. Take five minutes a day -in the a.m.- and visualise how you want your life to be. Use the good energy that those thoughts produce and ride the wave all day long! You’ll quickly see how great things can be attracted into your life. We want this design to inspire you to visualise the life you want. 

When talking about the positive effects of visualisation, mantras and positive thinking, Nikki Abousselam, counseling psychologist, says, “Visualising oneself accomplishing a goal or mastering an obstacle has the ability to influence or create positive thought processes which are necessary to achieve healthy and constructive functioning. Positive self-talk and utilising inspiring mantras contribute to achieving an optimistic mindset.”

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Shop this beautiful range now and let us know which design you love the most and what makes you Reflect on your personal journey!

If you are facing personal growth challenges, Sugar & Vice highly recommends chatting to Nikki Abousselam. M.Soc. Sc. (Coun. Psych.) (UFS), Practice nr. 0210935

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