Ten of the best (non-cheesy) souvenirs for both travellers and those obsessed with beautiful South Africa

Local is definitely lekker for us here at Sugar & Vice. In fact, local is die lekkerste! Many of our designs are inspired by things that are uniquely South African, like Table Mountain. I’m also pretty obsessed with Proteas, our national flower. The silhouette of the African continent makes for a spectacular graphic and has found a home on everything from our tees to our coasters, plates and mugs.

This might be biased, but we definitely live in the most beautiful part of the world. I can wax lyrical about this for days, which I actually have done in blog post before.

So of course we have a selection of products that make for great souvenirs. They’re iconic, representative of beautiful Cape Town, South Africa and Africa, they’re lightweight, and there’s nothing about them that says cheesy curio shop.

Here’s our curated selected of 10 stunning South African souvenirs:

1.) Protea Silhouette Jewellery Plate

A little something for a personal space, like your dresser. A beautiful contemporary souvenir to remind you of South Africa daily.

10 souvenir gifts Protea jewellery plate - Sugar and Vice blog

    2.) African Tales Vase

    Add a beautiful bunch of flowers and surprise someone special with an African souvenir and delightful travel stories!

    10 souvenir gifts African Tales Vase - Sugar and Vice blog

    3.) Nkosi Sikilel’ iAfrica Mug

    “Sounds the call to come together.
    And united we shall stand.
    Let us live and strive for freedom.
    In South Africa our land.”

    We may have one of the most beautiful anthems in the world, and this mug can serve as a daily reminder of not just a great song, but a great country.

      10 souvenir gifts Nkosi sikilel mug - Sugar and Vice blog

      4.) Protea Dreams Soap Dish

        Who ever said that a soap dish has to be a boring and utilitarian? Not us, add a little bit of dreaminess to your washing routine… and it doubles up as a beautiful reminder of the national flower of a beautiful country.

        10 souvenir gifts Protea soap dish - Sugar and Vice blog

        5.) Royal Kaap Platter

          Entertain like royalty with our Royal Kaap Platter. The ideal souvenir for anybody who loves entertaining, or simply as a striking feature on a coffee table or against a wall.

          10 souvenir gifts Table Mountain platter - Sugar and Vice blog

          6.) Hand-Built Luna Platter

            Built by hand in Cape Town, South Africa – this will sure be a conversation starter around the dinner table.

            10 souvenir gifts Luna hand-built platter - Sugar and Vice blog

            7.) Protea Silhouette Storage Jar

            You actually have to look quite far to find a flower as majestic as the Protea. Take it with you, wherever you go in the world, in the form of a very handy storage jar. It works as well as a vase, as it does for storing stationery, kitchen utensils or makeup brushes (if you have a lot!).

              10 souvenir gifts Protea storage jar - Sugar and Vice blog

              8.) Royal Kaap Art Print

                Pretty, small and lightweight, so easy to fit into your luggage. This also makes for a great first wedding anniversary gift, as it is tradition to gift the couple with paper on their first wedding anniversary – especially if they celebrated their honeymoon in Mzanzi.

                10 souvenir gifts Table Mountain art print - Sugar and Vice blog

                9.) Bohemian Cat Butter Dish

                  Ok, so we can’t claim cats as our own (they belong to the internet!), there are dozens of cat lovers here… and a Cape Town is a very cat friendly place. But this butter dish is handmade in Cape Town, which already makes it unique. The butter dish holds 500 grams butter and is the ideal souvenir for a foodie (or a banter!)

                  10 souvenir gifts Bohemian Cat butter dish - Sugar and Vice blog

                  10.) Cacti Planter

                    Those with green fingers are sure to love this pretty planter. South Africa is a dry country so we have the ideal climate for cactus. And in Cape Town in particular, where we’ve been experiencing a severe drought, this little gift can serve as a daily reminder of the importance of saving water, our most important resource.

                    10 souvenir gifts Cactus planter - Sugar and Vice blog

                    All the designs are hand-illustrated by Natalie in Cape Town, South Africa, which makes it a special story to share.

                    Natalie Van Dijk - Owner and designer

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