SARCDA 2015 Trade Show – Behind the Scenes

Sugar and Vice were recently selected to exhibit at the SARCDA Christmas 2015 show with the CCDI. This was an amazing opportunity to showcase our products to local and international buyers.

Shows like this require a lot of preparation and I just wanted to share with you some of the planning that went on behind the scenes.  If you exhibit at a show then you ideally want your stand to portray your brand, look trendy and bring in the crowds. I had to consider my low budget when I started planning and also remember that everything I did would have to be couriered to Johannesburg.  This was going to be one monumental ask.

The first place I went is Pinterest. (obvs!) Have a look at the board that I made here. These are the two pictures that mostly inspired my stand:

Sugar and Vice Inspiration Sugar and Vice Inspiration

Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend who has some excellent woodworking skills. I very politely asked him to make similar shelves for me and was over the moon happy when he agreed to assist.  He cut up a shelf and that he has helped put together for the Sugar and Vice stand at Decorex earlier this year.

 DIY Shelves Sugar and Vice

I made a digital mock up to scale of how I want my stand to look like, which looked like this:

Digital Mock Up Sugar and Vice
Digital Mock Up Sugar and Vice
Digital Mock Up Sugar and Vice  


I was really busy with the preparations for the show and didn’t end up getting the decals made that I wanted to put up on the left wall in between the shelves.  After all, you don’t always get everything done that you think you will. Note to self: plan better next time, but I nonetheless made the best of what I did have.

I have never used a drill before yet after a quick lesson from my boyfriend the night before I left for Johannesburg, I was ready to make my first hole.  When we arrived for the set up, I was quite nervous to start drilling but it wasn’t that bad and I managed quite fine – almost as good as a pro.

DIY Sugar and Vice Shelve Wall Sugar and Vice

Have a look at the end result after all the blood, sweat and tears and don’t forget to check out the video below!

SARCDA Stand Sugar and Vice Plate Wall Sugar and Vice
Plant Pots Sugar and Vice Message Mugs Sugar and Vice
Movember Range Sugar and Vice Oragami Bear Range Sugar and Vice

I love applications on my iphone and recently discovered “Honda Road Movies”. I made this virtual tour video of our stand:

The show was thoroughly enjoyable and it was lovely to meet everyone that I did. Although tiring, I’m really looking forward to getting back in contact and doing business with the buyers that I met.

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