Kindness Journal


Friendships, sisterhoods, families, professional bonds and even the love you have for yourself. It’s all about being kind. The relationships you have with the people around you – including yourself- are important as they directly impact your successes and how supported you feel. How can we not create a print to celebrate the importance of kindness? We want this design to inspire you to be kind.

The Kindness Journal is a ring-bound journal that includes daily gratitude and to-do notes, weekly must-do, meal planning, shopping, self-care and health notes, as well as monthly goal revisions.

“Journaling is a very important part of becoming aware of the things within one’s life that one can be grateful for. Journaling also reminds one of the small joys within each day that can help provide a sense of inner peace and serenity.” – Counselling Psychologist, Nikki Abousselam explains.

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