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I have recently starting collaborating with Chenel Kruger who is behind the blog  Raising Little James. She is an extremely talented photographer and it’s such a pleasure to work with her as she just really gets the Sugar and Vice brand and our mutual obsession with monochrome madness really just adds to the mix. Her son James is a brand representative for quite a few kids clothing brands, all monochrome of course, and he forms the center of all her work.

Swallow Coffee Cup and Espresso Cups

Today moms do not always get to spend as much time with their little ones as they would like to, especially if they are working full time. That time that do have should be made extra special, just the way that Chenel and James did one morning when they shared a cuppa together in our matching mommy and me mugs. James had a babychino and mommy a cappuccino. Too sweet for words!

Babychino Cup

Babychino Cup for sale

Mommy Daddy Baby Matching Cups

And you should totally enter to WIN a set of these mugs on the Raising Little James Facebook page here.

James drinking out of his Skull Espresso cup

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