Limited edition monochrome mandala wonky plate

I absolutely loved drawing this illustration of a mandala. It was such a therapeutic process and pairing the design with a gold rim just added that extra bit of perfect glam.  Mandala (pronunciation mon- dah-lah) means circle and represents wholeness; a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds. Such a powerful yet stunning design!



Limited edition monochrome mandala wonky plate

This wonky dinner plate has more than one purpose. Use it on your monochrome plate wall, dish up your lunches and suppers on it, use it as a cool centrepiece on your coffee table or add it to a dinner service for a splash of creative vigour.

limited edition monochrome mandala wonky plate

We loved working with Wida from Cupcake Richard who created this decadent Chocolate peanut butter muffins recipe for our 2nd Birthday. You can purchase the plate here.


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