Introducing MOTIV: Our new range of hand-built platters with potato prints

Over the last couple of months we’ve been working tirelessly – but very enthusiastically – on a very exciting new project.

Introducing… [drum roll]… the new Sugar & Vice MOTIV range.

Handmade, organic, contemporary and bespoke is the aesthetic we wanted to achieve with this new range. While Sugar & Vice is best known for a more graphic, solid and edgy look, this was the ideal opportunity to experiment with something different.

Handmade ceramic platters online - Sugar and Vice

We were fortunate to be selected to participate in an initiative by The Dutch Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries and their local partners, the Craft and Design Institute (CDI) and the Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda). The NEXT18 Trade Exhibition is the culmination of a programme in which participants learned about the European export market, the pricing, processes and trends. This was a wonderful opportunity, which our brand has benefited from on multiple levels.

Handmade ceramic platters online - Sugar and Vice

The new range was a great opportunity to experiment with a different style and a different methodology. The designs on the pieces are potato prints! Bold graphics and precise lines is S&V’s signature style, so this time we opted for something more organic and fluid. I remember making patterns with shapes cut out of potatoes as a child, and loving it, and thought this a great method to try in a more serious format. It was a wonderfully playful experiment (and one where you can’t control every aspect of the design), which eventually came out just the way I wanted.

Handmade ceramic platters online - Sugar and Vice

Similarly, incorporating colours into these products was a leap out of our black and white comfort zone. Because the theme of the exhibition is “Who is afraid of red, yellow and blue?” (err, we used to be!), which ties in with the colour trend forecast for the European season. Not quite ready to go from monochromatic to a primarily primary, we opted for charcoal and blue, with pops of mustard.

Handmade ceramic platters online - Sugar and Vice

So it is with great anticipation and excitement that we look forward to the response of the European market. While it certainly references elements of a continental African aesthetic in a subtle way, the products also have universal appeal. They’re contemporary but also classic, and useable as both a functional or décor piece.

Handmade ceramic platters online - Sugar and Vice

See it locally

While the range was created for the export market it will also be available locally. See it exclusively (along with the work of 32 other South African designers) at the Next18 Trade Exhibition at the Homecoming Centre at 15A Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, from Thursday, 22 to Sunday, 25 February 2018. Entry is free. Would love to see you there! More info here.

Buy it

These are available on pre-order with a lead time of 4 weeks, orders yours here.

Handmade ceramic platters online - Sugar and Vice

Natalie Van Dijk - owner and designer

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