Happy National Women’s Day!

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Every year in August, South Africa celebrates National Women’s Month. It’s a special month and day (9 August) that celebrates the strength and resilience of South African women’s contribution to society and our country.

This time affords all South Africans the opportunity to pay tribute to the generations of women whose struggles and successes laid the foundations for the progress made in empowering women and achieving gender equality.

Dominique Bella Zuri

This meaningful holiday commemorates the 1956 march of 20,000 women to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to petition against the country’s apartheid pass law which required citizens classified as ‘black’ to carry a pass that encouraged segregation and the unfair control of the population. Mothers, daughters, sisters and friends decided that enough was enough and came together as the Federation of South African Women to rally against the Apartheid government for real change.

Not only did they march, but they also remained standing outside the Union Buildings in silence for 30 minutes in a non-violent and very powerful display of unity.

Charmaine Chadinha

National Women’s Day continues to aim to draw attention to the important issues that women still face (domestic violence, discrimination and harassment in the workplace, equal pay, education for girls and more).

Sugar & Vice’s mission is to celebrate women and create thought-provoking functional art. We want to encourage women to look in the mirror and reflect. Whether it’s initiating hard conversations with themselves or just being mindful, our goal is to promote womens’ personal growth, body positivity and self-acceptance.

Tamryn Seopela

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Whatever you’re doing to celebrate this National Women’s Day, Sugar & Vice hopes that all women of SA feel appreciated and seen in the pursuit of happy, healthy lives!


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