Gina in Jozi Collaboration

I received a request from a customer to create a thoughtful gift for her friends birthday.

The brief was a gift to accompany the epic day Gina’s friends had planned for birthday. They explained: “For my friend’s birthday we have planned a “Joburg loves Gina Tour”, where we are taking her to Maboneng, and will have a whole day of bikes rides (on antique bikes to see all the wall art in town), visit the bioscope, an art gallery, and end with sunset cocktails and dinner at a venue with view of the City of Gold.

Sugar & Vice’s creative solution was simple illustrated line drawings depicting highlights of the day, like the antique bike, drinking coffee, and the city skyline. The result was a visual smorgasbord… something that you have to really look at to make out the individual elements but that makes for quite a striking visual as a whole. What a special and unique gift indeed.

This level of personalisation was an interesting, but very fun, challenge.

Natalie Van Dijk - owner and designer Sugar and Vice

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