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Did you know that today is International Day of Awesomeness?

This is the one day of the year, which gives us the opportunity to celebrate everything awesome. The very idea is simply awesome – don’t you think?

For those of you wondering how this day came about – we have to thank a man called Kevin Lawver. He declared the need for an International Day of Awesomeness in 2007 when he was working with an intern named Freddie Maneiro. Freddie suggested that the office should celebrate Lawver’s awesomeness and Lawver replied that there should be an International Day of Awesomeness. He posted the idea to Twitter and as like all good ideas that trend on twitter – the rest is part of an awesome history. You can read more on the official website here.

Today I want to share the 10 x awesome things I still want to accomplish in my life:

Sugar and Vice Awesome List - travel African with a 4x4
Sugar and Vice Awesome List - take on DIY projects
Sugar and Vice Awesome List - Create a beautiful home for my family
Sugar and Vice Awesome List - Finish the 800 km Camino de Santiago hike
Sugar and Vice Awesome List - Eat raw for a month
Sugar and Vice Awesome List - Own a seaside cottage
Sugar and Vice Awesome List - have an awesome marriage
Sugar and Vice Awesome List - Have my own workshop and store
Sugar and Vice Awesome List - Take a photography course
Sugar and Vice Awesome List - Live on a boat

I would love to hear what you find awesome. Share with us who or what is awesome in your life by using the hashtag #IDOA (International Day Of Awesomeness) and tag us on Social Media. We will RT, Repost and share your posts. Follow us here: TwitterInstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

HERE is an awesome hand drawn print which you can download and frame and be reminded of how awesome you are and should be every day. A free gift from us to you – now that is definitely something awesome. Watch how I made the print HERE.

Preview of the Awesome Flower Garland Print:

Hand Draw Illustrations for Sale

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