Crazy about cacti – New Cactus Mugs

Decorative skulls, Table Mountain, Proteas, plants in general, and copper accessories count among some of my favourite things at the moment (just take a look at our Instagram feed if you don’t believe me!).

The latest one to this list though deserves a special mention – cactuses, or cacti… or actually, just succulents in general.

As far as plants and vegetation go they’re just so efficient as they don’t need much water (ideal in dry climates likes ours!) or maintenance to flourish. But they do need sunlight… luckily the sun shines for 70% of daylight hours in South Africa.

What’s more, they’re really versatile as a decorative accessory. Whether it’s adding a touch of green to your bathroom or doing a full-on table centrepiece for your next dinner party, make pretty with the pricklies!

And the best part is that I am not the only one loving the cacti. Take a look at these fabulous cactus-inspired gifts and goodies:

Cactus necklace - sugar and vice

Cactus necklace R320 from Hello Jane.

Sometimes one dreams of travelling to Mexico on holiday, and other days you spoil yourself with a sterling silver cactus necklace from Hello Jane!

Cactus cushions - sugar and vice

Pastel cactus pillows – R199 from Fox & Moon

Simple but oh-so playful! I just love these pastel cactus pillows from Fox & Moon. The perfect accessory for a little one’s bedroom, to cosy up the day bed on the patio or as a talking point on the lounge sofa.

Succulent earrings - sugar and vice

Succulent Earrings for R90 from Clay Creations.

Discrete and delightful, these beautiful succulent earrings are the perfect understated accessory.

Cactus plate - sugar and vice

Hand painted cactus plate for R160 by Mint Ceramics.

Here at Sugar &Vice we love a beautiful platter…. and we love cacti, so this hand-painted cactus plate by Mint Ceramics ticks quite a few boxes for us! Get in touch with Thia if you want one of these: / 082 357 0987.

Succulent headgear - sugar and vice

Succulent & Rose Half Crown for R399 from Blackeyed Susan.

One of my favourite bands, The Lumineers, sing about “flowers in your hair”, but how about succulents in your hair? This is too gorgeous.

Cactus mugs and socks - sugar and vice

New cactus ceramic mugs and socks gift pack for R235 from Sugar and Vice.

Ok, so cacti are more commonly associated with summer but we love them so much that we want to make sure they feature in winter too! We’ve partnered with the lovely folks at Feat Socks to offer you this sock and mug combo – what more do you need on a relaxing winter weekend than warm feet and a hot cuppa?

Cactus print - sugar and vice

Cactus Cacti A5 print for R235 from Stohne.

I love the style of Stohne’s Catus Cacti print on recycled paper. The kind of artwork can be made to work in a home office, the kitchen, a child’s bedroom or even the bathroom.

Crochet cactus - sugar and vice

Mini crochet cactus for R70 from Lovilee.

What rhymes with cacti? Crochet… of course! I love how the craft techniques of yesteryear are experiencing a modern revival.

Crochet homeware - sugar and vice

Prickly pear homeware from Handmade by me.

Prickly pear for breakfast anybody? And a table dressed to match!

It’s always interesting to see how one object can be creatively interpreted in so many different ways, from cushions to ceramics, you’re covered with cacti!
Natalie Van Dijk Owner Designer Sugar and Vice

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