Calling all cat lovers: We have the purrfect giveaway for you!

For years and years cats were just cats. They were cute pets, and some people were dog people and others were cat people. But then the internet happened and a new truth was revealed:

EVERYBODY loves cats! More than that, we’re obsessed with cats, particularly cat videos.

Interestingly, it’s been one of the most searched terms on the internet – the entire internet! ThougtCatalog actually described cats as the “unofficial mascot of the internet”.

Fantastic Feline Cat Giveaway - Sugar and Vice

That’s a lot of cat loving. And guess what, we love cats too! And we have a stunning selection of products that you can win… on the internet, of course.

Fantastic Feline Cat Giveaway - Sugar and Vice

We’re partnered with some of our favourite LOCAL brands for a #FelineFanaticsGiveaway.

Stand a chance to WIN over R1800 worth of prizes from:

Sugar and Vice: A cat product hamper of R400

Hallo Jane: 2 x pairs of earrings of R410

Native Décor: A cat wine holder & cat coasters of R638

And Menagerie: A Cat scatter cushion of R350

Cat Giveaway

Enter on Facebook here or on Instagram here.

Natalie Van Dijk - owner and designer, Sugar and Vice

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