7 Ways You can be the Most Confident You yet!

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1.the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something.

Building the skill of confidence is a life-long journey. Which makes it that much more important to make it a priority. A woman with no confidence is a living, breathing paradox. We need it to be a good friend, a healthy partner and even a successful businesswoman! Confidence means having the ovaries to face life head-on and knowing your worth. And the fact that you’re here reading this means you’re well on your way to becoming the most confident version of yourself yet. Here are 7 easy ways you can boost your confidence today: 

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1. Exercise – yes we said it

A study conducted at Eastern Ontario Research Institute found that people who exercised twice a week for 2 months felt more socially, academically, and athletically capable. They also noted that their body image and self-esteem had improved. Best of all, the confidence boost is immediate and endorphin-fueled.

2. Just do it (Nike has got the right idea)

If you see an opportunity, take it. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, ask yourself, “What’s stopping me? Why can’t I do that?” And then go for it. If it doesn’t work out the way you expected, then at least you know that failure can be a great way to learn. And on the other token,  proving yourself right can be a huge confidence boost!

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3. Recognise the small victories

The efforts you make in your home, office, or social circles will yield small victories. When this happens, you develop new receptors in the areas of the brain responsible for reward and motivation. These go on to increase the influence of testosterone in your body (molecular amounts, don’t worry). Your confidence and eagerness to tackle future challenges then increase. When you get into the habit of recognising your small victories, the boost in your confidence just lasts and lasts.

4. Speak with conviction

Leave the “Umm,” and the “I’m not sure,” at the door when you leave in the mornings.

Assertiveness gets people listening and trusting your ideas because you’re conveying them with conviction. And what’s better than hearing “you were right” at the end of the day.

5. Just say no

Research conducted at the University of California in San Francisco shows that the more you struggle with saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout, and depression. Saying no is healthy and builds self-esteem. Avoid phrases like “I don’t think I can” or “I’m not certain”. Just say no.  Honoring your existing commitments by not making new ones gives you the opportunity to successfully fulfill them, boosting your confidence in your ability to stick to things and follow through. 

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6. Be your own best friend

Self-love is a critical element of confidence, because, in order to be confident in what you do, you have to be happy with who you are. With that comes finding pleasure and satisfaction from your own accomplishments and not from what others might think about where you are in your life. Like Lalah Deliah said, “she remembered who she was and the game changed”.

7. Don’t judge – leave that to Judge Judy

Our judgments have more to do with us than the people we judge. We judge others in order to feel better about ourselves because we are lacking self-acceptance and self-love. Practising non-judgment essentially means we’re practising loving and accepting ourselves. What a confidence boost!

Confidence is a journey, not a destination. Practising the few things we mentioned and continuing to be mindful in your journey will eventually get you there! 

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“A woman can boost her confidence by taking responsibility for this herself by providing self positive acknowledgments and not expecting others to constantly be providing the validation and acknowledgment for her self worth. The validation that others provide should be the bonus. She needs to be focused on providing healthy and constructive self-love and self-care to fill her internal cup. Viewing herself as unique and not comparing herself or her journey to others is also very important to build a healthy sense of confidence. Setting healthy boundaries with others is also an important part of this process. When a woman has healthy confidence she is able to naturally progress within her journey according to her skills and abilities to achieve self-actualization within her life. Healthy self-confidence also plays a vital role in maintaining healthy relations with others” says Nikki Abousselam, counseling psychologist, on how women can boost their confidence and why it’s important.

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Daniela Canny

Sugar & Vice is committed to this sacred female journey of self-discovery. Natalie’s (founder of Sugar & Vice) mission is to create thought-provoking functional art, to encourage women to look in the mirror and reflect. Whether it’s initiating hard conversations with themselves or just being mindful in order to encourage personal growth, body positivity and self-acceptance.

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