5 Easy & Delicious Microwave Mug Recipes!

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Winter is upon us! The days are shorter, hours in the day seem longer and we all seem to be a bit hungrier (grrr). When cold cereals won’t cut it and the mad morning rush means no time for a fry up, nothing could be easier than whipping up a hot meal in the microwave in minutes. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the most divine recipes for you to try out and love. Get those mugs and micro’s ready! It’s a pleasure, Honeys!

1. Cinnamon Roll Cake

The Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake is moist and delicious, not to mention super easy to whip up for a quick and simple breakfast, desserts or snack! 

Get the recipe here: https://bit.ly/3zjgnh1

2. Two Minute Scrambled Eggs

We couldn’t mention easy microwave mug meals without this one! You’ll never make your eggs another way again.

Get the recipe here: https://bit.ly/2Toa2Af

3. Grain-Free Blueberry Banana Breakfast Cake

This one’s for all our low-carb Honeys. And an added bonus is that it’s a great treat to make for your tots! 

Get the recipe here: https://bit.ly/3goMXoZ

5. Fancy French Toast

Craving eggy bread but don’t feel like getting the frypan out? Treat yourself to this fuss-free French Toast in a Mug recipe come breakfast, lunch or dinner time.

Get the recipe here: https://bit.ly/3iCGSrM

5. Hot Chocolate with a kick
Reel by Jeannes Adventures

Need a hot pick-me-up? Try this spicy hot chocolate recipe for a more exciting night in. Get cozy and drink up!

Get the recipe here: https://bit.ly/3pSWNUq

Try these fabulous recipes for yourself and share them with us on your socials! Make sure to tag us so we can see which one is your favorite. And of course, you’ll be needing a gorgeous, minimalistic mug to make all of these yummy recipes in, so browse our hand-crafted selection of mugs now!




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