3 New Mantras for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

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Limiting beliefs are false beliefs that limit success and prevent us from pursuing our day-to-day goals and life-long desires. From childhood all the way up to adulthood, we develop perceptions about ourselves and the things around us that shape our experiences. As humans, we tend to be hard on ourselves and focus on the negative, reinforcing our limiting beliefs every time we feel that we are taking a step back. We have to start unwrapping these negative perceptions of ourselves so that we can rethink our goals and start believing that they are achievable and that we are worthy of success in life. Have a look at these examples and see if they apply to you:

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1. Limiting belief: I don’t deserve love.

Block: This limiting belief stops you from being receptive to new opportunities to accept love or kindness into your space. If your mind’s made up about this limiting belief, you reinforce it. Whether it’s conscious or not, people can feel when you’re closed off to them. Energy can be a powerful thing. Slowly start opening yourself up to conversations that could lead to friendships which could lead to real bonds that develop over time. 

New belief: I am deserving of love. 

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2. Limiting belief: I can’t do it.

Block: This limiting belief stops you from trying new things and possibly discovering new talents, hobbies, friendships and even newfound confidence! It’s understandable that low self-esteem can lead to you not wanting to go alone to that Zumba class you’ve been dying to try out. But believe it or not, just pitching to the class and being brave enough to give it a go will boost your self-esteem more than you could have even imagined.

New belief: I’m going to try my best!

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3. Limiting belief: I’m not good enough.

Block: This sort of limiting belief usually stems from constantly comparing yourself to others. The funny (and irrational) thing about that is that no two people are alike. There is absolutely nothing comparable between you and someone you might look up to. It’s great to have role models, but don’t forget that your journey is sacred because it’s yours. And that makes it a very important journey indeed.

New belief: I am enough

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Limiting beliefs regarding oneself often arise due to a low sense of self-worth. As an adult one has to take responsibility in providing oneself with self unconditional love, acceptance and approval, reconstructing internal core beliefs that might be saying “I am not enough”. These limiting beliefs have to be challenged and reconstructed into more constructive and rational beliefs. The assistance of a Psychologist may often help one in this reconstruction phase” says Nikki Abousselam, counseling psychologist, when we asked her what causes limiting beliefs. When asked if it’s possible to overcome them, she had this to say: “Over a period of time one can definitely work towards producing healthier and more constructive core beliefs regarding one’s self-worth. The development of limiting beliefs or self-defeating beliefs happens over a period of time normally during earlier development years so to undo this and recreate a new narrative is a process but can be achieved.”

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The journey of self-love and growth is tough. It takes time, effort and consistency to create balance in one’s life. Along the way, we tend to fall back into old patterns and negative thinking.  But we have to give ourselves the time to start accepting these new beliefs. Create a new mantra that you can repeat to yourself daily, journal about your new beliefs and how they make you feel, speak to yourself in the mirror! The more you start to accept these new beliefs, the more receptive you are to new opportunities in love, self-growth and success! 



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