21 Days of gratitude recipe: Cocoa, coconut & quinoa bites Recipe

In the holiday times a person tends to overindulge as we all know, but making sure there is enough healthy snacks around would really count in your favour. I was so grateful to see this recipe from Bianca from The Secret life of Bee pop up on my Insta feed, which is super healthy and quick to make. Just make sure you have the ingredients with you, so you don’t have any excuses! Enjoy!

Cocoa, coconut & quinoa bites Recipe

Cocoa, coconut & quinoa bites


140g dates, about 10, pitted

1 Tbsp coconut oil

30g cocoa powder

15g desiccated coconut

1Tbsp red or white quinoa

Pinch sea salt


Place pitted dates in a food processor with the coconut oil. Blitz into a paste. Add the cocoa powder and coconut and mix.

Use a little coconut oil to fry the quinoa in a hot pan. It should crackle and pop. Fry until crunchy. Add the quinoa to the processor with a pinch of salt and mix briefly just to combine.

Roll into balls and keep somewhere handy for sweet tooth time!

Makes about 15 x 15g balls ❤

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