21 Days of gratitude DIY: Homemade Christmas Crackers

Really nice Christmas crackers can be expensive and then a person expects to get something cool inside, but I’m always disappointed! Why don’t you make your own Christmas crackers this year and you can put in whatever you want!

Some filler ideas:

I love these simple, but tasteful Christmas crackers that Toni from Seven Swans made that appeared on the Pretty Blog. Here’s her blog post:

Christmas cracker DIY 21 days of gratitude

Christmas time is all about family gatherings, dinners that go on well into the night and celebrating with your loved ones! We love the idea of bringing in a touch of Africa to the festivities and have designed a few hand-painted patterns that will look great wrapped around your gifts or made into Christmas Crackers for your table (they can double up as place cards too). You can pop anything in the crackers – from sweets to a personalised note for each guest.

Christmas cracker DIY 21 days of gratitude

What You Need

  • Template
  • A4 paper
  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Double sided tape/ sellotape
  • Twine/ ribbon/ string to tie the ends of the Crackers
  • Cracker snaps (available online from MerryPak)
  • Goodies for inside the Crackers

Christmas cracker DIY 21 days of gratitude


  1. Print the template out on A4 paper
  2. Write your guests name on the white block provided to act as a name “card”
  3. Wrap the printed paper around a toilet roll tube and secure with double sided tape/ sellotape
  4. Place the Cracker snap inside the tube (you may need to trim it down) along with anything else you’d like inside the Cracker
  5. Gather the paper on either side of the tube and squeeze to make the “cracker” shape. Tie your twine or ribbon on both sides to finish them off, yay!
  6. Place them on the Christmas table before your guests arrive and enjoy the festivities!
  7. Christmas cracker DIY 21 days of gratitude
  8. Download your Wrapping Paper & Christmas Cracker

    If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that the download button for printables has always been located at the top of our DIY posts. We’ve changed things up a bit and to find all your favourite prints from now on, we’ll be collecting them all in our new stationery shop.

    So head over here for the wrapping paper download and the Christmas cracker download.

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