21 Days of gratitude DIY: Christmas tree stamped gift wrapping

21 Days of gratitude DIY: Christmas gift wrapping

Love this simple, but gorgeous idea for this Christmas tree stamped gift wrapping DIY. Gift wrapping usually gets ripped off the present in under 5 seconds, so I don’t think it should be expensive. Unless you keep the gift wrapping to re-use the following year like my gran used to, haha. Nothing wrong with recycling either. Whatever works for you.

What you need:

  • potatoes
  • ink pad
  • plain gift wrap paper
  • sharp edge knife


  • Cut the potato in half, then carve your Christmas tree out of the potato. You can use a marker to lightly trace the shape first.
  • Once satisfied with your shape, stamp it in the ink and then on the gift wrapping paper.
  • Wait for the ink to dry completely before using the paper.

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