18 things to do that will make me happy in 2018

Are you a goal digger? I love setting goals, but let’s face it new years goals can be so big and daunting. So when I heard about the 18 for 2018 challenge via the Happier podcast by Gretchen Rubin, I knew it was for me. You basically think of 18 things that will make you happier in 2018. This should be a mix between small and bigger goals and should be fun! I’ve printed mine out and whenever I’m bored or down, I will pick something from my list to do. Here’s my list:

Goal Digger New Years Resolutions 2018 - Sugar and Vice

18 for 2018:

1.) Make or paint porcelain pendants
2.) Finish scanning of old photos
3.) Go for a walk
4.) Text someone who you haven’t chatted to in a while
5.) Give someone a compliment
6.) Organise a cupboard
7.) Make a smoothie
8.) Show your husband appreciation everyday
9.) Draw something
10.) Update my wardrobe seasonally
11.) Make a big meal to freeze for lazy nights
12.) Collect items for Santa Shoebox
13.) Read 24 books (3 done)
14.) Finish cross stitch projects
15.) Water the plants (with grey water)
16.) Sit outside and enjoy the fresh air
17.) Start recycling
18.) Save 10% of my salary

Here’s the podcast if you wanted to give it a listen here.

Goal Digger New Years Resolutions 2018 - Sugar and Vice

Photo by: Duane Smith Photography

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